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I did not make this up ... I merely found it and wanted to share it with all of you. (My source: Broken Boundaries ... 'Extras' - I just copied and pasted.) - um, that site may not be appropriate for the faint of heart and could result in squicking (but not the evil squicking!) ... so, without further ado:


Warning: Movie Spoilers!!!

1. Bilbo shows Frodo his secret cavern under Bag End that houses his Hobbitman costume and the Hobbitmobile

2. Gandalf tells Frodo that he is a Terminator Maiar from the future who has come to protect him from the SauronNet corporation

3. Frodo drag-races against Ted Sandyman in Hobbiton so that he can afford to take the ferry over the Brandywine

4. During the battle between the men of Gondor and the men of Harad, Sam and Frodo are amazed to see the legendary Tyrannophaunt Rex burst out of the trees and proceed to eat a man hidden in a nearby hut

5. While Gimli and Legolas and staying in Lorien, Legolas turns to Gimli and asks, "Hey, Gimli, do you know what they call Lembas in France?" Gimli responds, "No. What?" "Lembas royale." Gimli replies, "Dang, that's whacked man."

6. Gollum's finger lights up as he guides Frodo and Sam through Mordor, asking them to, "Phone home, precioussss"

7. Pippin, insane from staring at Sauron through the palantir, mumbles something about being part of the Matrix

8. When the Fellowship depart from Rivendell, they link arms and begin to sing, "We're off to see the Wizard, the evil old Wizard of Mordor"

9. As the men of Gondor and Rohan go into battle against the legions of Sauron, Aragorn shouts, "You can take our Ring, but you can never take our freeeeedom"

10. At the very end of Return of the King, Frodo and the ring-bearers depart from the Grey Havens... Moments later their ship runs into an iceberg


Warning: Movie Spoilers!!!

12. In order to truly 'ruin the books' for you, Peter Jackson will personally come to your house and piss on your copy of LOTR

11. Dick Van Patten as Denethor

10. Gimli changed to Grumpy

9. Weird Al Yankovich to release, "Who Let The Dwarfs Out"

8. The Balrog has wings

7. Tom Bosley as Tom Bombadil

6. Bill the Pony fights at Helm's Deep

5. Concession stands at movie theatres to feature 'Wizard on a Stick'

4. Theme music from Led Zep's "Houses of the Holy"

3. Movie tie-in deal with Victoria's Secret: you'll never think of the Cloaks of Galadriel the same way again

2. Britney Spears and 'NSync tie-in Hobbit Song CDs, available only at Burger King

1. In related licensing deal, Burger King renamed Burger Ranger
oh, come on ... you're just jealous cuz I found it first, right? *wink*